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"Fernando's Proposal" (Hawaii) 4-min. Fernando is getting dumped, so he takes desperate action to prove that his love is forever and save the relationship from getting cut off. 

"Corn" (Canada) 15-min. A documentary crew interviews Trent, a man who's spent the last 6 years of his life being addicted to corn, about the hardships he endured on his way to salvation.

"Contrition" (Massachusetts) 10-min. When two married couples decide to swap spouses for an evening, they each need to deal with the aftermath of their decision and their actions.

"Mooney" (Ireland) 14-min. Winner of the 15-Minutes of Fame Best Drama award. Mooney is a young man on the verge of a full blown heroin addiction. Making the wrong choice he finds himself on a downward spiral with consequences that will change his life. Based on real life events Mooney tells the tale of a day that altered a young mans life forever.

"The Road" (California) 5-min. Karma, condensed. A group of seemingly random people help Karma along, passing through many hands, not knowing where it will end.

"Ride Of The Yoga Valkyries" (Canada) 6-min. Two friends, Eve and Brenda, attend a yoga class. Where Brenda sees the possibility to improve and connect, Eve sees only hostility and impossibly high standards.

"Fading Away" (Germany) 14-min. Winner of the 15-Minutes of Fame Best Foreign Film award. Fading Away is a short film about Martha and Herbert, an old married couple.Lately, Martha is behaving very strangely. Herbert is desperate. Is she just forgetful or is it more than that...?

"Skylight" (Canada) 5-min.  A mock animated documentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

"Winded" (California) 4-min. Music Video. The band Rockchild looks at a relationship at its breaking point where the main character must decide whether he wants to stay or go.

"Back To The Fuchsia" (UK) 3-min. In their garden of love he was sewing seeds of doubt, laced with jealousy. But she had ripe manure to feed his trust and, hopefully, help their relationship flower.

"Chicken" (Tennessee) 3-min. A girl named Cassie works up enough nerve to pour her heart out to the man she loves while he works on the street dressed as a chicken.

"Batter Up" (Canada) 13-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Best Family Film award. In the bottom of the ninth inning a softball player gets injured after hitting a Home Run, leaving players from the opposing team with a decision to help her and lose, or to do nothing and win the championship.

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