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"Basket Bronx
" (New York/Spain) 14-min. 
 Alex is an African-American kid from the Bronx who dreams of playing basketball as his idols. However, the gang of older guys in the neighborhood keep reminding him that he cannot. One day Kiat, a newly arrived Chinese girl, appears in his life and using some Zen philosophy teaches him to overcome his fears, to enjoy life as much as possible and to stop worrying about his results. 

"Proving Grounds" (Australia) 6-min.To become part of the criminal underworld Rob, under the supervision of Al, must prove his worth by killing a marked woman. Things take a turn for the worse when Rob begins to have second thoughts.

"Storstad-Big City" (Sweden) 12-min.  In an apartment, a hungry child, four years old, is playing with his cars, watching a constantly nagging TV, drawing with his colored markers, listening to people walking in the staircase outside the apartment. Several days go by and his only company is a teddy bear.The child often goes to a closed door, opens it carefully and looks in....nobody is there.

"Freedom" - Elizabeth June (Florida) 5-min. A music video that explores the concepts of African American slavery, religion, and the hardships that the black community has suffered.

"Red Letter" (UK) 11-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame's Best Director award.  The year is 1942.This thriller shows a young German trying to kill the holocaust beast. The voice of the Fuhrer echoes around the streets of Paris. On a balcony, Hitler gives an impassioned speech to the crowd. From a window across the road, Franz, a sniper, trains a rifle on the Nazi leader's forehead. A crack of gunfire. Does he succeed?

"Le Chat Orange" (Colorado) 10-min. A dowdy secretary is accidentally hired to be a nude model for an artist and learns to see herself through his eyes.

"Noemie" (Canada) 11-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Best Horror Film award. A little girl named Blanche has nothing to do except stare at her music box. She decides to explore the basement of her grandmother's house...and then?

"The Collector" (California) 15-min. Justin Sayer suffers from a mental illness which causes vivid hallucinations. The voices in his head have caused him to isolate himself from the world and from his two year old son. But now, his new therapist is like no other.

"The 2 Sons And Their Crogzookles" (Missouri) 3-min. Wyatt and Lester, two very different sons, are each given a crogzookle that their father catches in the backyard.  They utilize their strengths and passions to develop their crogzookles into unique and worthwhile additions to the environment and world.

"Special Delivery" (California) 7-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Best Comedy award. A doctor delivers bad news...really bad news...really, really bad news to a father after his wife gives birth to their newborn daughter. 

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