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(Canada) 10-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Best Cinematography award. After finding out that having divorced parents means receiving twice as many Christmas gifts, a spoiled teenager sets out to sabotage his parents' marriage.

"Lucky Numbers" (UK) 12-min. Through his obsession with counting, Derrick is convinced he can predict the winning Lottery numbers, and win the heart of the show's presenter, Luscious Lucy. Ever the optimist, Derrick is convinced that every day will be his Lucky day.

"The Birthday Party" (New York) 7-min. A mother trying to keep her children safe, a son on the brink of manhood, a daughter anticipating her tenth birthday, a party that will change their lives forever.

 "One Nothing" (California) 7-min. On a hot summer day in Los Angeles, a young man's determination draws him to an urban basketball court. Content to play alone, he’s soon confronted by two Hispanic kids from the neighborhood. What follows is an unexpected encounter and revelation.

"Out Of Nothing" (Wisconsin) 12-min. With a big new project at work, Ethan is close to success. However, with bone cancer worsening, Gloria is wondering if she will ever truly know her son. Do we give up when life feels empty, or do we find something out of 'nothing?'

 "STARving" (California) 15-min. Set in an arts high school, a young actress struggles to be thin, but how much will she lose before nothing is left?

"Life Happens" (California) 10-min. Actor Jake Stone leaves his life and girlfriend behind for a trip to San Diego, on the biggest call back of his life. After challenging the director, he is offered the role on the spot. After returning to his old life a few days later than planned, Jake finds his girlfriend beyond upset. He has to decide what to do. Now it's not just his relationship at stake, but his blossoming career as well.

"Caught In Paint" (Kansas) 6-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Best Documentary award. 'Caught in Paint' captures painter/sculptor Rita Blitt painting on transparent surfaces while the David Parsons Dance Co. dance in mid-air thru the painting imitating Blitt's paint strokes. Photographer Lois Greenfield shoots dynamic stills during process.

"Sunset" (California) 14-min. A universal story about aging, and lost love. Mithran misses his wife Lakshmi who died a short while ago,  and looks at their photo album over and over again.  Mithran has been pressured by his son to sell his house in India, his only tie to the past. He doesn't have a choice.

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